Monique Kaplan, SVP Creative Director at Energy BBDO

What is the very best career advice you’ve ever received?

You’re only ever as good as your people. The best leaders surround themselves with people who are better than them.

What part of your role as a leader do you find most rewarding?

Watching my team find their own feet and giving them the space to do their thing. I love watching people grow into their roles and find their voice. We all deserve a chance to prove ourselves and what we’re capable of.

What is one thing you have learned from the pandemic in 2021 that you hope to carry into the future? 

I was unable to move to the US for over two years during the pandemic and because of the time difference that came with working from South Africa I would start work at 5pm everyday. It taught me that we are more resilient and adaptable than we know.

By Sasha The Mensch