Inger Tanderup, Executive Creative Director at FCB Chicago

If you could attribute one other person or life event to your success, who or what would it be and why?

Success hardly ever happens overnight. It takes 10.000 hours to master a skill.

But I did have a very defining moment a few years back, when I faced a major health scare in my family. Until then being a Creative had just been a fun job that I loved doing. The situation forced me to change how I viewed my career in order to support my family. And that led to my success. I finally had the skill set, the ambition and I realized I loved being a creative leader as much as I loved being a Creative.

What part of your role as a leader do you find most rewarding?

I love building up my team and seeing great ideas come to life. I grew up playing team sports, so I carry the team mentality with me and believe it fuels creativity.

What is something the industry isn’t paying attention to that they should?

Age. It’s mind-boggling that we, as an industry, have decided older talent is less good, creative, capable, whatever?!! In my role, I often meet very senior folks who get it and who still excel in their field.

I hope that the industry eventually will realize age is not the problem. Our mindset is. 

By Sasha The Mensch